ManTooth® Wireless Digital Pressure/Temperature Gauge

USD $659.00


Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc.

Made In The USA

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The YELLOW JACKET® ManTooth® Wireless Digital Pressure Temperature Gauge uses Bluetooth® technology and an app to provide service centers and technicians the ability to perform an accurate vehicle A/C system check. This test will take less than three minutes. The app is downloadable and free and can be used on Apple or Android devices. This will eliminate the need to use a manifold gauge set and you can also test drive the vehicle and get real time information.



  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Two wireless Bluetooth gauges
  • Works with R-134A and R-1234YF refrigerants
  • Includes two temperature clamps
  • A/C charging adaptor
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • Built in camera icon for easy capture of live performance data with ability to add notes
  • Ability to log, store and email results
  • PH Enthalpy chart for advanced analysis of A/C system performance



Weight approx. 6 lbs
Power supply A/C charging adaptor V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 10x8x3 inch



779-19020 Hose Gaskets (10) $7.00 Add to cart
779-41337 Hi-Side R-134A Coupler $59.00 Add to cart
779-41338 Lo-Side R-134A Coupler $59.00 Add to cart
779-41441 Hi-Side R-1234YF Coupler $57.00 Add to cart
779-41442 Lo-Side R-1234YF Coupler $57.00 Add to cart
779-67010 Temperature Clamp $52.00 Add to cart
779-67012 USB Cord $6.00 Add to cart
779-67018 Carrying Case $65.00 Add to cart
779-67037 Blue Hose R-134a $13.00 Add to cart
779-67038 Red Hose R-1234YF $16.00 Add to cart
779-67039 Blue Hose R-1234YF $16.00 Add to cart
779-67040 Red Hose R-134a $37.00 Add to cart
779-93394 Tether Cap $2.00 Add to cart


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